Waist training corsets - just a “waist” of time?

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Kim does it, Kylie does it, just like the whole Kardashian family and Amber Rose does it as well. Celebrities are “obsessed“ with waist training. The current it-piece of Hollywood is: A corset. But does it really work?


There are hundreds of girls on Instagram posting pictures of them-selves in a corset practicing waist-training. They all claim “it REAL-LY works”. But according to health-experts this is not the case, they say: “Spot reducing doesn't exist!”


You can't reduce fat in any particular area of your body. If you wear a corset, you push all the belly-fat away, and when you remove it, the fat will go right back to where it was. So if you really want a slimmer waist, a corset is no long-lasting solution. When you wear a corset, you squish your lungs and ribs, which makes it harder to breathe. Plus you are not really able to do your workout properly with compressed lungs. So why should this proce-dure be more successful than a heart-pumping workout routine?


In addition, doctors claim excessive use of waist-trainers can damage the ribs, lungs, and inner organs, and can cause digestive problems.

Of course a waist-trainer will make you look slimmer, but only while you wear it. In the long run, corsets won’t have any lasting effect on waist size or shape. It’s much more effective to eat a healthy diet and do a challenging workout.


Source: Instagram @kimkardashian | @khloekardashian | @amberrose



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